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Peggy Searcy
His treatment not only helps with my neck, shoulder, back, arm and hand pain but I haven’t had so much as a cold or even had to see a doctor for an illness in so many years, I can’t remember... I haven’t been ill, I haven’t even met my new primary doctor assigned to me at Kaiser 2 years ago!
Rhondee Epperson, Fremont
Dr. Forest has always taken the time to listen and treat me in a professional and caring manner. More importantly, he is and excellent clinical chiropractor and I would not consider going to another. I can’t even count the times I have had migraines, have gone to see him and be relieved when nothing else helped, including prescription drugs.
Mrs. Hilda Vezerian
Over 25 years ago, I got so I could hardly walk- sort of shuffled. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t lift my legs into bed without help. I had to sit on two pillows on the couch to get enough leverage to get to onto my feet. Sometimes the pain was so severe that I would cry if I had to move. My daughter and her husband went to Steven Forest’s brother’s office in Pleasanton. She was so positive that I could be helped.. After I had been going for awhile, I could see no difference, I started wondering what my daughter had gotten me into. She encouraged me to continue going. When I discussed my condition with Dr. Forest he said, ”This condition did not come on over night and won’t go away overnight.” So I kept going. After about three or four months I noticed that I could walk better and it didn’t hurt as bad when I had to stand. After six to eight months I started walking without my cane and with hardly any pain. Dr. Forest explained the importance of staying in adjustment. Now the pain is gone and by staying in adjustment there is a sense of well being. It even improves your out look on life. Most people don’t believe that I am nearly 84, as I get around so well. I can’t thank Dr. Forest enough for giving me a second chance at life without the constant pain I had to endure. I would recommend Dr. Forest to anyone who suffers any type of pain. Remember to be “patient,” for some it may take a little longer to get the desired results you are looking for.
Kim Barros, Hayward
In my late teens and dearly twenties I was unable to sit for more than two hours at a time for nice dinners, meetings or movies. I just took it for granted that I would live in discomfort for the rest of my life. After my first six weeks my progress was incredible. I continued my treatment and actually looked forward to going. I have been able to refer my mother in good conscience.
Tina Burgett, Fremont
I couldn’t sit or stand for any length of time and had a pinched nerve that was causing problems with my right leg and knee. A friend referred me to Dr. Forest. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through chiropractic care again, but I also couldn’t live with the pain and didn’t want to do medication pain control. I went and seen Dr. Forest. He was so patient and caring and everything made perfect sense. He assured me he could help me. After the first session, the numbness and pain on my leg was almost gone. Dr. Forest’s concern for my care and well being has been invaluable to me.
Chet Shaw, Alameda
I would highly and often do recommend Dr. Steve to anyone looking for chiropractic services because he is on my side as someone who cares about me.

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