Dr. Steven J. Forest

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Your First Visit


During your first visit to our office you will be asked to fill out a health history form. The doctor will then meet with you to discuss your health history and explain the chiropractic approach to restoring and maintaining your health.

thermographyThe Examination

You will be given a series of tests. These tests include a thorough orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic examination. The orthopedic tests are designed to test the joints and to reproduce any pain you might have. The neurological tests are designed to determine if any permanent damage has been done to your nerves and the chiropractic tests are designed to determine if chiropractic care would be of benefit.

ExaminationThe computerized thermography scanner is a heat sensing device which monitors the nervous system. Two preliminary readings are taken to establish your subluxation pat tern. For subsequent spinal checks after the first adjustment, the readings indicate whether your spine is getting better or worse. Future adjustments are made only when the original pattern returns, never according to symptoms. Research has shown that often a very slight change in your spine may reduce your symptoms markedly. But, unless a complete correction is accomplished, your level of health will not permanently return to normal.


We take a complete series of cervical, or neck, x-rays on all patients. These x-rays provide a visual indication of how far your atlas is misaligned. The Doctor makes precise measurments on the x-ray film which allow him to determine your atlas misalignment within 1/2 millimeter.

Some patients also have lumbar, or lower back, x-rays taken in order to determine the amount of damage created by a longstanding subluxation.


A Report Of Your Findings

ReportDuring your Report of Findings visit, the Doctor will show you the x-rays and explain the results of his findings. After the Doctor has studied your health history and x-rays, he meets again with you to explain the results of the examination and the recommended course of Chiropractic care.A precise heat differential reading is taken and a leg balance test is made just prior to the correction of the subluxation.